I don't give a fig for a victim,
Or a hoot for the feeble of mind,
A leper's all right once one's kicked him,
But I'm terribly kind to the blind.

The hungry, the homeless, the vagrants,
Seem irrelevant once one has dined.
The lonely don't fill me with fragrance,
But I'm terribly kind to the blind.

Malaria, typhus and rickets
Aren't part of my annual grind -
They're not what I'd call winning tickets,
But I'm terribly kind to the blind.

For those who may think I'm short-sighted,
The deaf always make me see red,
While the blind make me really delighted,
And - sorry, what was it you said?


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

In the 'Daily Telegraph', David Sieff, chair of the National Lotteries Charities Board, "thought it undesirable for the public to choose which charities benefit from the Lottery
money," in case they chose favourites. "Personally, I'm
terribly kind to the blind," he declared, "but I'm extremely impatient with the deaf. They don't have the same
emotive appeal."