The Hurd Instinct

Oh now that the Cold War is over,
What a wonderful pose for a snap:
I'll just do a kick for Markova -
Take hold of my briefcase, old chap!

Oh now that the Reds cannot rankle,
And bulldozers blast through the brick,
Just glance at my elegant ankle
And pass me a top hat and stick.

Oh now that I'm Secretary (Foreign)
And your cameras are ready to flash,
Just lend me a kilt and a sporran:
I'll give the Gay Gordons a bash.

This moment is truly historic
(Just picture me here while I wave!) -
No wonder it makes me euphoric
To dance on this famous old grave.

The blood used to run here in rivers
While tunnellers worked in their vaults:
Oh doesn't it give you the shivers!
Now capture me dancing a waltz.


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

"I shall do a song and dance and pirouette on top of it"

(Douglas Hurd, of the Berlin Wall)