Crossing The Floor

Sunset and closing door
And one fresh fax for me:
And may there be more crossing of the floor
la the SDP.

For on my side the rulers seem asleep
Or full of froth and foam,
Whilst I withdraw from what a groundless creep
Might call his home.

Twilight's division bell
And my soft bum to park:
Perhaps I'm all the Tories have to sell.
My horse is dark.

Still, tho' I'm fresh from packing up my case,
And fancy Tony's jaw,
I shall not meet Liz Davies face to face
When I have crost the floor.


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

(after Tennyson's 'Crossing The Bar')

Tory MP and former minister Alan Howarth defected to Labour after secret discussions with Tony Blair, whose Labour Party conference speech was faxed to him. The same conference upheld the ban on Liz Davies' candidature for Leeds North-East, because she was considered too extremely left-wing.