History In The Make-Up

This mission statement
with a mission:

all gas and goitre,
lead-free, really swell,

like a regular Para.
And its tinted highlights!

A spoonful of sucrose
helps the medicine man:

castor oil upon
troubled waters.

O mission! O mission!
you are psycho-scrabble,

beatitudes with attitude,
sermon on the mint

with a hole in it.
Something to get

your eye teeth into,
it is debatable.

The new Te Deum,
the new tedium.

Written in a flap
of an s.a.e.:

meet the challenge,
keep the change.


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

Opinions of the four-hundred-word replacement proposed for Clause Four of the Labour Party constitution continued to vary. Chrissie Maher of The Plain English Society said she could not understand it.