Ooh Ah

We trot out different ditties,
we have done since a kid,
they are not us, so cut the fuss,
we've paid our twenty quid.

We do not want a dust-up,
but, by lingo, when we do,
then, por favor, we know the score -
it's twenty smackeroo.

What, offer cups of sugar?
They're not our mugs of tea.
Let them get lost, they know the cost -
it is two thousand p.

They shave in different mirrors,
their syllables are strange.
They will not wash, so here's our dosh -
four fivers, and no change.

And no, we do not bargain -
what's ours is yours and mine.
This Bulldog Breed! Its price exceeds
their £19.99!

You pays your English money
oh you moaning foreign minnies.
So what's our whack? I'll tell you, Jack:
one bob and nineteen guineas.

From Tony Blair Reminds me of a Budgie

The Daily Telegraph reported the words of Michael Cartiss, one of the rebel Tory MPS visiting Lowestoft: "We don't share our oil reserves with other European countries. We don't say 'Here you are, Frenchie, have some of this'. We don't say, 'Here you are, Jose," have some of this'."
One of the friends of Matthew Simmons, the fan whom Eric Cantona attacked, told The Guardian, "He should be deported. We were giving him verbals. It was just the usual stuff about him being French. That is why you pay £20."