Morally, morally, morally, morally,
Gently down the pan:
Sorrily, sorrily, sorrily, sorrily,
Truth's an also-ran.

Derelict, derelict, derelict, derelict,
Duty by decrees,
Dairylea, dairylea, dairylea, dairylea,
Like a processed cheese.

Family, family, family, family,
Children off to church,
Homily, homily, homily, homily,
Beat them with a birch.

Terylene, terylene, terylene, terylene,
Morals off the peg,
Pillory, pillory, pillory, pillory,
Life's a rotting egg.

From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

The National Forum for Values in Education and the Community published a draft moral code for schools. Gillian Shephard and others were seeking to include stronger references to marriage, and to explicitly Christian codes.