Tony Blair's Picnic

If you feel down in the dumps today
Because of the blue demise,
If you are one of the rumps today,
Majority half its size,
Then tear your hair, since every poll
From Poole to Ayr is toad in your hole -
Today's the day that Tony Blairs spoil your picnic!

Picnic time for Tony Blairs!
For little Tony Blairs are clubbing your council heads today.
See them snatch you from your lairs
As they blow your local brains away!
How their trigger fingers itch!
They long to pull the switch on all your electric chairs -
At close of day the boxes of ballots
Will sweep away your seats
To inspired little Tony Blairs!

If you go down with your council ship,
You'd better write out your will,
If you and your true-blue council slip,
They're moving in for the kill -
For Tony Blairs with plenty of scoff
Are skipping down to polish you off -
Today's the day that Tony Blairs spoil your picnic!


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

Tony Blair's Picnic

"A Conservative councillor anywhere in Great Britain is an endangered species culled more ruthlessly year after year than is now proposed for British cattle."
(The Observer)