Blair Face Cheek

I don't give a daff or a haggis,
I don't give a thistle or leek,
I don't give a druid
For Cairngorm or Clwyd
Or the height of your Grampian pique.

I don't wish to welsh on the Scottish
Nor to scotch aspirations in Wales.
Perhaps I seem foreign?
I don't give a sporran
When treading on Edinburgh tails.

I don't give a kilt for a ceilidh
Or for bara brith ordered in bulk:
I won't give New Labour
A toss with your caber.
I'm taking the low road. Don't sulk.


From Tony Blair Reminds me of a Budgie

The Labour leadership's sudden announcement that referenda would be held in Scotland and Wales about proposals for devolution upset several", and caused the resignation of a shadow spokesman, John McAllion.
Welsh MP Paul Flynn called the leadership 'autocratic'.