Swamp Fever

The leader looks neat and unnerving
With a serious smile and a suit
His policy's stern and unswerving
He's gained international repute

Just William's brain's on the blink so
He gives an imperious sniff
"Your leader's an underground pinko,
A stiff with a spade and a spliff"

But William's a fabulous figure
Who speaks with implausible pomp
Forgets the electoral digger
Has buried him deep in a swamp

So it's not time to cheer Tony Lenin
Or Vladimir Blair to their grave
With William and all his dead men in
The muck way below Muppet Dave

[July 1997]

From Labour Pangs

William Hague compared Tony Blair to environmentalist leader Swampy. A referendum is to be held in Russia to decide whether Lenin's embalmed corpse should be buried.