All Together Now

Gordon is terribly fond of Bobby,
And Bobby's besotted with John;
Tony and Robin hold hands in the lobby -
It's carefully counted upon.

Donald and Clare don't care for a ding-dong,
Hattie and Frank are in bliss,
Michael and Mo are paired up for ping-pong,
David has sing-songs with Chris.

Popular people won't poop the party
But wiggle their hips with the Whips;
Harold and George were invariably hearty,
And Clement was crazy for Cripps.

Whistles in harmony, kiss and a cuddle,
Barbershop buddies a-gogo -
The gang's hanging out in the hope of a huddle.
In power, they'll probably pogo.


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

A desperate effort continued to suggest that the Labour Shadow Cabinet was at its collective throat.