They filled it up with dogma,
And crammed it full of dole;
Then in they flung
Expensive bung
To stoke the party's soul.

They layered it with jingo,
And poured in pints of flam
(The cost of heat
And cleaning street
And plenty other scam).

They chucked in other rubbish
Like ownership of stocks,
The Royal Mail
And British Rail,
The homeless in a box.

They topped it off with riot
And new selective schools,
An iron fist
And tatty list
Of Back To Basic rules.

They paid a peerless foreman
To peel away the shell:
They'd win the prize
And lick the lies
That they'd created Hell.

They stood about it, beaming,
As brickdust filled the air
Then, at the last,
They gazed aghast,
For there was nothing there!

The passers-by inspected
The vacuum on display,
Asked "What's the score?"
And "What's it for?"
Then turned and walked away.

From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

with apologies to Rachel Whiteread