Let's Get Busy

We all have to hand it to Sooty,
We all have to hand it to Soo.
The vampire and vulture
Of enterprise culture
Have nabbed them, and Sweep's going too.

We're all trading up into puppets,
We all want to waggle their paws,
To twiddle our teddies
And roll in the readies -
And bask in their well-earned applause.

We all want to nobble the judges,
Swap their guts for our fingers and thumb;
When Sooty's about,
Three strikes and you're out.
And the best thing is, Sooty is dumb.

We all want to flog Michael Howard,
With his wand and his beady black eye.
Just a couple of quid?
It's a reasonable bid!
Bye bye, everybody. Bye bye.

From Tony Blair Reminds me of a Budgie

Sooty was been sold for more than a million pounds to a merchant bank. A chorus of judges denounced Michael Howard's white paper proposing minimum sentences.