Family Misfortunes

Mr. Crust and Mrs. Crust
Were humble folk, or mean:
Their century had not discussed
The mystery of the gene.

They sang a simple, single song,
Their hearts as blue as woad,
Drove upset applecarts along
The right side of the road.

One night when all the fields were flat
And frost had seized the air,
They went to stretch their bed, begat
Prime Ministers, a pair.

Middle diddle, middle class,
And plainly middle crust,
These farmers, so it came to pass
Left Middle England bust.

From Tony Blair Reminds me of a Budgie

Family Misfortunes

Steve Jones's book In The Blood: God, Genes,
and Destiny noted that Margaret Thatcher and John
Major are descended from the same pair of eighteenth
century farmers, John and Elizabeth Crust,
from Lincolnshire.