I Fought Delors

Delors the dull, to death the door,
Delors the small (or smallest) bore,
Delors the faint, Delors the Fed.,
Delors whose brain is plainly dead,
Delors in aspic, pickle, brine
(A favourite fantasy of mine),
Delors of bureaucratic jungle,
Delors the boring, born to bungle,
Delors the boss-eyed optimist,
Delors the Euro-chauvinist,
Delors' design, all loathes excelling,
Delors whose borders need repelling,
Delors of averages, or mean,
Delors the Dalek, Mekon, Treen,
Delors the dodo, dreary-dim,
Delors: who cares who does for him?

From Send-Up