Before Creation

- 10 Whilst waiting for the beginning, God
created Nothing.

- 9 And He looked upon Nothing, and saw that
it was Nothing, and that it was No Where, and
that it was utterly devoid, yea, even of

- 8 And He waxed exceeding wroth, crying This
is Not; it hath no Being.

- 7 Likewise cried he, It is an absence, not
a presence, which is an abstraction; it is unfit
for aught but metaphysical speculation.

- 6 And what was Not continued to be Not.

- 5 Whereat the LORD cried, Wherefore is this
Not? Is it not that I AM?

- 4 And God saw that He was Not either; and
created He then Himself.

- 3 Yet was there Nothing, for of Nothing was
the LORD created; and out of Nothing came he.

- 2 And God cried, Yet is this Something and
Nothing, and this mindeth me that I may begin.

- 1 For there is no end to a beginning, yet must
there be a beginning to a beginning.

0 And thereafter, just before the beginning,
created he T.S. Eliot and Samuel Beckett.

From Send-Up

Before Creation