Four Romantic Poets


What Wordsworth in Daffs does not write
When he points to that cloud, snowy-white,
As which he felt lonely,
Is this - it was only
De Quincey as high as a kite.


Was it honestly Shelley's last wish
To be drowned mid Italian fish?
I certainly think
I'd dive in the drink
If my parents had christened me Bysshe.


Keats' ode to the fair Philomel
For a young man was all very well;
Far better, completion
Of odes to his Grecian
2000, or Phyllosan's spell.


Your critic tugs hard on his forelock;
Of wordsmiths I'm wizard, a warlock,
My fame undiminished
Though poem unfinished
Because of a Person from

From Send-Up