That Famous Old Limerick By Lear

AND it came to pass that there came into that region a
stranger saying, I have strange powers as to the
healing of the sick;
2 And the name of the country from which this stranger cometh
was Deal; and Deal was the name of his birthplace.
3 And behold, this stranger intreated the people and said, Lo, I am from Deal, and my powers are passing strange.
4 And the people asked him and said, What are thy powers? And at this the man of Deal goeth into a deep trance.
5 And he lifted up his eyes and saith, Behold, there is no such thing as pain; and moreover, I believe not that such a feeling existeth.
6 And some of the people marvelled at this, saying, Truly, this is a miracle.
7 And others murmured and said unto him, Peradventure thou hast about thy person a pin.
8 And the man of Deal answereth unto them, saying, I have.
9 And he taketh a silver pin in his hand saying, Behold; and he sticketh in the pin.
10 And the man, who was of Deal, crieth out as the pint entereth his leg; and these were the words of his cry: Oblimeh
, which being interpreted meaneth, It hurts me.
11 And yet the man of Deal telleth the multitude, Although it appeareth that the silver pin hath caused me much anguish, yet is it not so;
12 And then the man of Deal saith again, This sensation cometh from my imagination, and it is not real, although it disliketh me.
13 And at this the people were sorely troubled.

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