Out Of The Black Hole

Clad in satin, pure as cream,
A sound bite on his bum,
The leader rises in a dream
To claim his Kingdom Come.

He speaks through his communicator,
High above the fray:
"I am The Great Annihilator,
From The Milky Way."

The positrons fly thick and fast
Around him on his mountain:
He calls: "I am both first and last
An anti-matter fountain."

So gaze upon this sudden mass,
And wonder at his grace.
Is he composed of heated gas?
You'll have to watch this space.

[April 1997]

From Labour Pangs

Out Of The Black Hole

Tony Blair became Prime Minister. NASA scientists discovered a "fountain" of anti-matter apparently coming from the centre of the Milky Way - where there is a black hole called The Great Annihilator.