Good Evenings

We are the News. We are at
Ten (two of us, mostly) but also
at Sixes and Sevens. This is a matter
of Consternation. If we are left
to the Eleventh hour, then we
are far too late. Bong. We must be
right as Ninepins, but Ten to the
dozens (and not Nineteen, unless
we are Four at Seven on the
twenty-four hour day). If we turn on
a Six, then we are old hatters,
but at Ten, we are on the balls.
Unless there's a Match, when we
wait on the tables. Bong. We have
our backs to the Studio. And now,
over. We are the News. At Eight,
we are ready, naked and waiting
behind your screens for a Flash.


[September 2000]

From Make Mine a Double

ITN will restore News At Ten. Sort of. BBC1 has planned to move its newscasts to the same time.