Make Mine A Double

1. I am a rock,
I am an islamabad.

2. I am a Caesar saladin:
veni, vici, video.

3. I am an announcer
just muezzin around.

4. I am appearing nightly
on Kabul television.

5. I am a stalking-horse
ridden by Donald Rumsfeld.

6. I am a scot-free
camel laird.

7. I am a son of the desert,
a Laurel and Hardy perennial.

8. I am a pillar of salt:
Taliban upon Cerebos.

9. I am a lost harpsichord,
a Scarlatti Pimpernel.

10. I am a sheik,
a hippy hippy sheik.



[November 2001]

From Make Mine A Double

Make Mine A Double

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