She Cooks

Oh excuse me. Does she cook for her
friends? Does her husband? This is
the land of the free. A healthy citizen
maims children, speaks the language,
and cooks for her friends. They all visit
on Sundays, or Ramadan, when they
bombard the yard with fresh mumbo.
They are starving. Hail to the chef: she
cooks for her friends. They have a very
strong constitution, with side-orders
of fries. The barbecues reek with smoke.
These sacks are full of shrapnel, which
she cooks for her friends. This waffle
is fresh with syrup. She holds out arms
which taste of mint julep, of blood, of
dough. With which ingredients, she
makes amends. She cooks for her friends.


[October 2001]

From Make Mine A Double

A propos David Blunkett's proposals for citizenship tests, a Times leader reminded readers that US immigrants must read or write sentences such as 'She cooks for her friends'.