Little Bastards

Little bastards, in the papers,
Little bastards on the television,
Little bastards, little bastards,
Little bastards, all the same.
There's a blue one, and a blue one,
And a blue one, and a bluer one,
And they're all made out of tittle-tattle,
And they all talk just the same.

And the members in the party
All speak for The Individual,
And they're all just little bastards,
Little bastards all the same.
There's a Health one, and a Wealth one,
And a Chairman, and a Chancellor,
And they're all filled up with fiddle-faddle,
And they all think just the same.

And they all sit on the front bench,
And they answer lots of questions,
And they all give little answers
And the answers are inane.
There are charters, there are pledges
To run down public services,
And they all speak in a psycho-babble
And they all mean just the same.

And they'll all go into business
And spend time with their families,
But they'll still be little bastards,
Little bastards all the same.
And the new ones will be blue ones
And blue ones, and even bluer ones,
And they'll all still be wishy-washy
Little bastards just the same.


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

There was a Cabinet reshuffle. (with apologies to Pete Seeger)