Tittle Tattle

This is tat for tittle-tattle.
This is total tuttle, trash.
This is pish and tush and prattle.
Pocus porkies. Balderdash.

It's a little pinch of psalter.
It's a ticky-tacky tale.
It's the geist behind a polter.
It's an off-its-trolley trail.

What a jumbo dose of mumbo.
What a hippy-dippy hype.
What a bumper bowl of gumbo.
Oh what treat-or-tricky tripe.

Such a silly shilly-shally.
Such a piggy in a poke.
Such a diddle-dum, doolally.
Such a bogus hokey-coke.

No more goosey-gander gobble.
No more gorbal-gabble guff.
No more warbled wibble-wobble.
No more tippy-tappy stuff.

Jibber-jabber waffle-wiffle.
Peter piper pickle pud.
Pooper-scooper-dooper piffle.
Is that clearly understood?


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

John Major dismissed the issue of sleaze as 'tittle-tattle'.