The Killer Sperm

I am a canny killer sperm
Who lurks about the womb;
I make the idle squeal and squirm
And send them to their doom.

Perhaps I'm not a pretty sight,
But then, that is My Job -
To punish tail-end-charlies, bite
The shirker and the slob.

They rush into my killing zone
As up a dirty pipe.
I am not programmed to condone
Such grubby guttersnipe.

A lucky breeder passes by
Into the murky void,
I let it pass, for I must lie
To nab the unemployed.

If I should catch a little lout
Not suitable to mate,
I flush the tiny horror out
And wipe him from the slate.

I have a passion to achieve
My admirable task.
I have no passion to conceive.
To bask is all I ask.


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

Michael Portillo is to double Jobcentre targets forstopping the benefits of those not actively seeking work.
On The Human Animal (BBC2), Desmond Morris showed film of killer sperm which allegedly waited in the womb to destroy any sperm from the wrong source. In "Radio Times", John Peel described the effect of the sperm arriving as of "a badly clogged sump filling with dishwater".