When Blue Turns To Grey

Manganese accelerators
keep the fabric white as white,
rub away the stains of traitors
as they happen, overnight.

Manganese accelerators
wash away the sleaze and slime,
fill the wash with sheer afflatus,
scrub away a grubby crime.

Manganese accelerators
cleanse the guilty soul of sin;
for an extra few pesetas,
strip some layers from the skin.

Manganese accelerators
soften any shade of grey,
rich performance indicators
rinsing any fuss away.

Manganese accelerators
shift those stubborn spots of grot,
raise the profile and the status
when the water's not so hot.

Manganese accelerators
smooth the sheets upon our beds,
then eat up the apparatus,
ripping everything to shreds.


From Tony Blair Reminds Me of a Budgie

The Consumers Association suggested that Persil Power, which uses "manganese accelerators" to make clothes cleaner, actually damaged the clothes instead. Norman Blackwell became head of Downing Street's policy unit. According to The Independent, his rather serious manner "has prompted the jibe that he is a grey adviser to a grey Prime Minister".