collection of duff versions of old songs. The Conservative
government looked back on a succession of duff policies.

Let me take you down
'Cos I'm heading for
Certain defeat
Ask in the street
And no-one's passing bung about
Certain defeat forever...

If there's anything you don't want
If there's anything we can't do
Then call on us
And we'll spin you a line
For just a vote from you...

I dread the news today oh boy
About a lackey man who failed the grade...

Try to see it our way
Do we have to keep on
Baulking till you can't go on?
While you see it your way
Run a book on guessing
That our votes may soon be gone
We can turf you out...

Hour after hour
At home in the swill
The men with the ghoulish grins
Are looking perfectly ill...

In Downing Street
There is a barker flogging policies
With every dodge
He's had the trickery to try
And all the people who pass him by
Stop and ask him Why?""

Standing at the box in the Commons
Trying to knock his party in shape
The men in the suits said
""We don't give two hoots
We're looking for a way to escape""....

John was comical
Studied economical phrases on his tod
Late night all alone with a slide-rule
Oh oh", oh God...

Major was a man who
Thought he had a vision
But he found it was a dud
Major met a country
Making a decision
That he'd stuck them in the mud
Get off, Get off....

Oh we'll tell you something
You will not understand
Yes we'll tell you something
We wanna fold your band...

I don't care too much for Tories
Tories can't buy me anything

Yeh yeh yeh yecch


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

The Beatles headed back to the hit parade with a