No Change, No Chance

The swivel-eyed, the drivellers,
The nebulous, the weird,
The cocktail kids, the snivellers,
The rank, the disappeared,

The troglodytes, the truculent,
The ones without a gorm,
The unctuous, unsucculent,
The front row of the form,

The shambles, the apologists,
The ready-to-condemn,
The mourners and mythologists,
The creme de clotted creme,

The dead wood and the readymade,
The left upon the shelf -
And these are just the ones who made
The Cabinet itself.

From Tony Blair Reminds Me of a Budgie

There was a ministerial reshuffle. John Redwood, oneof whose slogans was 'No Change, No Chance', was not readmitted.