Moon Drivel

Moon drivel
Bluer than a bird
That's messing on the Third Estate:
Oh lawmaker,
You windbreaker,
Whatever you're saying
Is way past its date.

You're daft as a lavaTory brush
(You're bound to get the brush-off, see):
You're making the same painful sound
As muzak all around
Or Huckleberry Hound...
Moon drivel! Stuff me.

Moon drivel, chasing after votes,
There's such a lot of votes you've cost.
You're bound for one fatal poll
To drop you in the hole,
Hushpuppies on the dole.
Moon drivel, get lost.

From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

Unemployment 'fell' to 2,661,000. "Low expenditure is the key to lower taxes," said Kenneth Clarke.
Henry Mancini died.