Absolutely Fibulous

I will not willingly mislead
nor push a riddle through my lips
hey taradiddle
will not lead you
up or down the garden path the City Road

pop go the weasel words
by sleight of mouth
read my lip balm
and let sleeping lies dog
for I have not lost my cherry tree

Anna lies
Norma lies
Simba lies
Lies are do-little
and Hedda lies can be cured by lotion

since I was a slip of a tongue
I have told the hole truth
do not talk pork
what's at issue a tissue a tissue a tissue
I am a whopper chopper

Truth! I will not duck it
that is a canard
a cock
and a bull
stranger than fiction burns

Binge and perjure
not my style
these are tell-tale signs
of my utter utter utter re


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

"It is not the case now, nor has it been the case in the past," that ministers willingly mislead the House of Commons," said John Major, invited to comment on William Waldegrave's speech suggesting that ministers sometimes did not tell the whole truth.