Lazy Majesty

We are waiting
for the comfortable crumbs
to drop like proverbial
pearls of wisdom before
us, the humble swine.

Batmen and butlers
run up the flagships
and throw a cordon bleu
about the top brass

Their gullets are
filigree silver,
and their brave endeavours
are why we are all
in a state.

A fat controller
hands his imbalance
to a chosen charity:
this is a signal
failure. What a dead


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

Lazy Majesty

It was admitted by the Ministry of Defence that 5 million was spent annually on staff such as batmen and chefs for at least 77 high-ranking officers in the forces. Meanwhile, Bob Horton of Railtrack offered to give the "net difference" between his salary and that of Jimmy Knapp to charity - to help solve the rail dispute.