A Very Idle Piece

I am a very idle piece of government machinery.
I spend your time and money in an ancient art like venery.
Where docketing and sprocketing were spoiling the community,
I now commit incompetence with absolute impunity.

I delegate the waterworks and railways to a privateer,
So that I have some extra time to sit about and skive it here:
Imagine what the cost would be of any more democracy -
An outbreak of ambition and a layer of bureaucracy.

With little left to regulate, I'm rendered unemployable,
And if you call this government, it really is enjoyable.
There should be nothing shameful in confessing utter shamelessness:
For privatising prisoners is blissful in its blamelessness.

You really must excuse me if I sound a bit repetitive,
But if we are competitive, competitive, competitive,
We're bound to save a bob or three, and build a private
motorway -
A concept quite so clever that it fairly takes the throat away.

This used to be a hellhole full of secondary picketers,
But now we turn out pockets and exceptionable cricketers:
It's all so very simple, just like managing a business.
I think I'll go and lie down and recover from this dizziness.


From Tony Blair Reminds me of a Budgie

Mr. Major told the European Policy Forum that his teamwas putting "government on the citizen's side." Attacking
wasteful layers of government, he added "There is no such
thing as an idle piece of government machinery. If it
exists,someone will use it to spend money or regulate