Blue In The Face

It must be a mad kind of magic,
A quick trick of light before dawn,
A stew which looks anthropopagic
Which cannibals find full of Quorn,
A pottage promising more when it's less.
Vote Tory. We offer a genuine mess.

It's gobbledygook for the layman,
Or wizardry minus the whizz,
The charade of a fast-acting shaman,
Champagne without sparkle or fizz,
A farrago of fog and a mountain of missed.
Vote Tory. We'll soon have you properly pissed.

It's voodoo and very Houdini,
A whimsy whipped up as a plan,
The wile of an out-of-work genie
Who's slapped on a bottle of tan,
All Woganesque slogan, a driverless bus.
Vote Tory. Paul Daniels has nothing on us.


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

Of the Labour Party's 'Road To A Manifesto', a desperate Kenneth Clarke remarked,"This is
Houdini economics, the politics of smoke and mirrors."