Harold Be Our Name

My name is Harold Major;
Was bred on humble pie,
A perfect prole,
A simple soul -
A small beer, by and by.

Good afternoon, dear colleagues,
My name is Harold Blair:
My techno bleat
Is sheer white heat.
They call me Captain Dare.

My name is Harold Ashdown,
Inscrutable and smart:
My quick retorts
Aren't idle thoughts.
I've learned them off by heart.

My name is Harold Clinton.
I shag but don't inhale.
It's in my head
That I might tread
On Harold Yeltsin's tail.

My name is Harold Chirac,
Both rogue and renegade -
Like Harold Gaulle
And Harold Kohl,
Chameleons by trade.

Oh we are all called Harold,
Behind each other's backs
We open throats
To swallow votes
When we reverse our macs.


From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

As Michael White of 'The Guardian' spotted, "every speaker to remember Harold Wilson seemed to identify him with some aspect of their own career or personality."