Labour Pangs

Poems in Labour Pangs

Out Of The Black Hole
The Redwood Stage
On The Darker Side Of The Street
Swamp Fever
Free Willy
The Origin Of The Specious
Posh Calls The Kettle Ginger
Looney Tunes
Dr. No
Sign Language
White Housework
The Bird's Eye View
Water On The Moon
Son Of A Gun
We All Make Mistakes
The Foreign Office
Plastic Ono Yes Vote
Trident Detested
Dew-Eyed Anthem Man
Of Mice And Mammoth
A Two-Legged Fiend
A Simpleton's Love Song
Miserable Guy 
The Big Banger
Stone Age
Life Should Mean Life
Human Rights
Rawhide Charlie
Paddy Liked....
The Red Card
Gene Genius
Tough Bananas
Doctor Death
Across The Universe
Rainy Day Cavemen # 12 and 35
Buddha's Tooth
Royal Flush
North Specific
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Warren Hague
Big Boots
Investors In People
Bed, by Tony Blair
Toytown: A Statement
I Spy, You Spy

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Slogans<br />
Out Of The Black Hole<br />
D: READFUL<br />
The Redwood Stage<br />
On The Darker Side Of The Street<br />
Beelzebabble<br />
Swamp Fever<br />
Free Willy<br />
The Origin Of The Specious<br />
Disobedience<br />
Complicity<br />
Posh Calls The Kettle Ginger<br />
Looney Tunes<br />
Dr. No<br />
Sign Language<br />
White Housework<br />
The Bird's Eye View<br />
Water On The Moon<br />
Son Of A Gun<br />
We All Make Mistakes<br />
Greetings<br />
The Foreign Office<br />
Plastic Ono Yes Vote<br />
Trident Detested<br />
Dew-Eyed Anthem Man<br />
Of Mice And Mammoth<br />
A Two-Legged Fiend<br />
Deserters<br />
A Simpleton's Love Song<br />
Miserable Guy <br />
The Big Banger<br />
Stone Age<br />
Life Should Mean Life<br />
Human Rights<br />
Rawhide Charlie<br />
Paddy Liked....<br />
The Red Card<br />
Gene Genius<br />
Tough Bananas<br />
Doctor Death<br />
Across The Universe<br />
Nonsense<br />
Rainy Day Cavemen # 12 and 35<br />
Buddha's Tooth<br />
Royal Flush<br />
North Specific<br />
Are You Lonesome Tonight?<br />
Warren Hague<br />
Big Boots<br />
Investors In People<br />
Bed, by Tony Blair
Fourteen <br />
Toytown: A Statement<br />
I Spy, You Spy