Tony Blair Reminds Me Of A Budgie

Poems in 'Tony Blair Reminds me of a Budgie'

Tony Blair Reminds Me Of A Budgie
Not Entirely An Angel
The Ones That Got Away
Duds Army
Seventeen Years Hard Tory
Skin Cancer
Raising Standards
Subterranean Homeless Blues
All Together Now
Not A Straight Bat
For Your Benefit
Immaculate Misconceptions
What about the workers?
Blair Face Cheek
Tony Blair's Picnic
The Big Issue
One Bluebottle
Bums On Seats
Canned Laughter!
Ooh Ah
The Chicken Run
History In The Make-Up
Commercial Blake
The Cottage Hospice
Hits From The Fifties - No. 1: The Ballad of Crazy Lilley
The Dating Agent
Crossing The Floor
We're Dead Men
The Hurd Instinct
In The Gulf War
Flat Cats
This Speech Is Free
Forever Amber
The Only Thing That's Holding Him Back Is A Thin Cord With You On The End Of It.


The Government
Harold Be Our Name
This Is For History
Blue In The Face
How To Git On In Society
A Very Idle Piece
Seven nursery rhymes for Ian Maxwell
The Interview
Johnny B. Badde
John Major
Lazy Majesty
Absolutely Fibulous
Pollution and Albert
It's A Lottery
Memoirs of a Nobody
Moon Drivel
When I'm Reading Meters
No Change, No Chance
No Contest (a red-blooded rant)
When Blue Turns To Grey
Nine Conservative Policy Initiatives
The Killer Sperm
Power Surge
Party Poppa
A Very Old Rhyme
Say It With Flowers
Short Shrift
Sound Bite
The Sleaze Ball
Sugar And Spunk
Tittle Tattle
The Gaffer
The Next Time
The Widow's Pique
It Don't Ad Up
Little Bastards
The Ancient Premier
Family Misfortunes
Let's Get Busy
The Cruellest Month
The Conference Is Over