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Scold on And Other Poems - Josephine Corcoran's blog

One Afternoon - on And Other Poems

Afterwords - on The Poetry Shed (Abegail Morley)

Air Force - on The Poetry Shed

Bland Date - from Iota

A Martian poem - from Competition 2953 (The Spectator)

February 1963 from The Poetry Shed

Robert Herrick writes Hound Dog - from Competition 2570 (The Spectator)

Ian Dury's version of the National Anthem - Spectator competition

In Praise of Adjectives - from Competition 2608 (The Spectator)

Wordsworth and De Quincey parodies (iTunes - the Open University)

A Poison Tree (Blake parody) - on Lighten Up Online (LUPO)

O Woes, Thou Run Thick (Blake parody) - on LUPO

Leaf Waiting (Hughes parody) - on LUPO

About The Size Of It - on LUPO

Sylvia Plath writes Strawberry Fields Forever - on LUPO

Francis Albert Sinatra at Waterloo - on LUPO

I Will Work Like A Dog (a cento) - from New Statesman comp no. 4138 (fourth one down)

Biffo Days (anagram poem) - from Chimaera

Life - from Shit Creek Review

High Bank - from The Flea

Eight poems and squibs (as featured poet in Light)

An appreciation by Frank Osen in Light magazine

Lyrics ('Like Awake') jointly with Deborah Jeanne Weitzman, from Deborah's album 'Touch the Sky'

Lie Awake (DJW on Soundcloud)

Dangerous Heart (DJW on Youtube)